Go Sober for October: Day 6

So Day 6 commences, I’m sober and surprisingly OK! Had a bit of a moment last night when Jim​ enjoyed our homebrew, but I woke up clear headed which is always a bonus :-) Please sponsor me, every penny helps keep me motivated and goes to help those with cancer all over the UK. Thank you all!

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Pm Questions Today

Interesting to see that David Cameron didn’t actually give a direct answer to any of the questions Mr Corbyn posed to him, from us, today. Cameron gave, at best, evasive waffle about policy, and at his worst used the questions as a platform to attack the Labour party. People, that is the respect the Tory government has for your words.None at all.


I see many posts stating that there is no need for us to feel ‘shame’ or ‘guilt’ about dead children from other countries because we didn’t cause the crisis. You know what? Who cares? 
How far back are you going to go? How many countries who didn’t take them in will you blame first? How about the warmongers in the Middle East? The governments that refused to aid them and sent them and their families on their way?
I say again, who cares? They are suffering, they are struggling, they need help. 

It doesn’t matter whose fault it is.

It doesn’t matter how or why they are here.

It doesn’t matter that we can’t accurately place blame, shame or guilt.

We have the means to help, so we should do so.

We have the means to help. That’s all that matters, here and now.


My friend took me for a walk around New Galloway, and amongst the brambles and cow parsley we found beautiful meadowsweet, also known as mead wort or Queen of the Meadow. Although a useful herb, especially to a home brewer like myself, we didn’t pick any, as the bees were enjoying the flowers too much.