Double Rainbow

If you look to the very left of the picture, you can faintly see the ‘second’ rainbow. Jim informs me that every rainbow has a double, and the colours are reversed. So although it follows the same curve as the primary rainbow, the outer colour is purple/violet and the inner colour is red.

Autumn may be blustery and the weather may be unpredictable, but at least it gives us rainbows.

Meditation vs Anxiety

I’m getting back into meditation this month. I’m fortunate enough to be involved with groups of spiritually minded people who are far more organised than I and can arrange structured workings. Without this kick in the bum I struggle to grant myself the time needed to clear and de-clutter my messy mind space.

It’s strange, isn’t it, how we can work so much harder for others, than we can work solely for ourselves… Or is that just me?

Anyhoo, I’ve done my first, proper meditation in months and it was wild, intense, and full of vivid imagery that almost immediately led to poetry. This makes me happy. But now I have the fear. What if, tomorrow, I can’t do it? What if I can’t ‘zone out’, centre myself; whatever you want to call it?

Because this happens. Sometimes, I just can’t let go. I sit and breathe and focus or un-focus, and I can’t let go of the outer world and slip into my own inner consciousness.

The anxiety that I won’t be able to let go, of course, makes this all the more likely to happen. Anxiety is a crippling, horrible force in my life, and when coupled with the fear of failure, can leave me vibrating like a spinning top; dizzy and ultimately useless.

How do I step past this anxiety, into a calm space to let magic happen? How can I calm my mind, in order to calm my mind? I have no solid answers. I simply launch myself into what I am doing and hope for the best. Only one session in, and already I am spinning and looking for what might go wrong; when everything went so right today; utterly nonsensical.

I should be proud that despite my (currently non medicated) anxiety, I have managed my first session with success. The twenty minutes or so before work left me bright and alert for the day, and excited for the following sessions. I should be high-fiving myself.

One day, perhaps, I’ll stop looking for cracks in the glass that just aren’t there.

I Rose

My rose was blue

I stepped beneath the arch

My rose was gold

Or peach

Softness incarnate

Never crimson

Never bold

Tentative like my


I rose beneath the arch

To meet four faces

Framed with snake

With sea

With sinister teeth

With chains

With all the keys I need

To break free.

I rose and took

The proffered seaweed

Tiny bladders ready

To pop with salty sweetness

A shoreline promise

Of things to come.

I rose, hands out

Filled with light;

Stepping into darkness

My rose was black

Ashen; withered

Suddenly alive again!

Gold and glowing

Snakebite antidote

Starlight flowing

I rose; I gasped; I smiled.

David Cameron: Spambot

David Cameron, David Cam
You are a robot
Made out of spam
You hunt the foxes 
And kill the poor
And that’s what Tories voted for.

At Eton you were just one of the chaps
Burning money in front of tramps
I guess you must have been easily led
To stick your cock inside that pig’s head
Now you’re the one that calls the shots
We’ve got nowt while you’ve got lots
You’ve drained our country; our will is sucked
And now it’s us that’s really fucked.


IDS is an STI
A wart on the UK’s inner thigh
Jeremy Hunt: what a… Guy!!!
And the less said about Osbourne,
The better


Now he’s quoting some nice old dame
Who once had to use her middle name
She told him she’s a big fan of Jez
And doesn’t like the cut of Dave’s Jib.
So Davey wants to knock Jeremy out
See the spambot become a lout
Smearing shit better than the Sun
Does he really think we’re all that dumb??

No, David Cameron, David Cam
You are a robot
Made out of spam
You hunt the foxes 
And kill the poor
And that’s what Tories voted for.

Go Sober for October: Day 6

So Day 6 commences, I’m sober and surprisingly OK! Had a bit of a moment last night when Jim​ enjoyed our homebrew, but I woke up clear headed which is always a bonus :-) Please sponsor me, every penny helps keep me motivated and goes to help those with cancer all over the UK. Thank you all!

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