Reasons to love Autumn…

Certainly the amazing sunrise on the way to work. The entire landscape brushed with gold. 

I’m now sitting in my garden, listening to the tiny rustle of invisible creatures, watching a harvest man dashing across the flags, and breathing cool, crisp air with just a touch of the coming winter in its future.

Apperley Bridge Marina- Open Day

Apperley Bridge Marina in West Yorkshire held a fantastic open day yesterday, to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of the Leeds Liverpool canal.

Kirsten Savage, my sister and wonderful cover artist for Pagan Portals: Celtic Witchcraft, joined me at a small small selling my book, her art, and some lovely hand made whistles and runestones crafted by our dad.

The sun battled with strong winds which threatened to have the canvases all over the marina! It was a gorgeous day though, I’m looking forward to the next event here. The marina itself is beautiful, there are plenty of birds (see the swans above) and plenty of quiet spots to sit and reflect.

Summer Adventures: Temple Newsam

Jim, Nathan and I made the most of the sun by heading down to Temple Newsam Home Farm in Leeds.

Nathan befriended a sheep and was freaked out by the apiary, which I, conversely, found fascinating. We saw baby rabbits, squirrels and had a magpie visit our lunch table. Less than a tenner for all four of us, not bad value considering the smiles we got out of it. All in all a lovely day. 

By the Sea

Under windswept trees 

I close my eyes 

I am surrounded by the seas.

Sweeping over


Beyond me.

No beaches

But the waves are the same.
White horses gallop

Through my tired mind.
I am surrounded by the seas.
Rushing towards

Blinkered eyes

Illusion of sound

All around me.
I am surrounded by the seas.
Green and lush

Ever moving

Never still

Nor calm

Nor gentle…
Leaves for seaweed;

Cones for shells;

Birds for flying fish

Humans for sharks:

Like a rock

I wash up beneath my tree

Surrounded by the sea,

The sighing, crying sea.

Politics for the People

Posted about a year ago. Seems very relevant today. More politicians like this please. #MondayBlogs

Sounds of Time

I was really moved by MP Mhairi Black’s maiden speech in the House of Commons. If you haven’t yet heard it, please go take a listen. She joins Jeremy Corbyn as one of the few MPs that are addressing the fact that our current government does not speak for the majority of the people in the UK. She hits every nail on the head, and I can only hope that these nails hammer hard into the coffin of our outdated, archaic government.

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United Kingdom

Oh to be united
No hate, no faces blighted
With the frown and fierce expression
From the guts and buts in session.

Oh to be together
Facing future, stormy weather
Hand and hearts: a strong foundation
Revolution, revelation.

Oh to be a nation
Full of fine, high expectation
No berating, no more hating
We all voted, now we’re waiting

For the penny to drop
For the slander to stop
For the high-ups to hold up their hands
Stand together, as we leave 27 other lands.

Oh to be united
Feeling hopeful, and excited
We left, it’s done, don’t cry
Smile as we say ‘Goodbye’.